Woody’s Private Parties

Our Dining Room

Woody’s private dining room is perfect for private parties of all kinds. In our dining room you will find a cozy, homelike atmosphere while receiving professional, personable service. You can also enjoy access to our full-service bar.

Booking a party at Woody’s ensures that you will receive excellent service and quality food.All of us at Woody’s strive to make your experience a memorable one.

Dining Room Features

  • RA private entrance
  • RA door separates it from the rest of the restaurant for privacy
  • RSeats about 60 people (If your party is larger than 60 people, you can consider renting both of our dining rooms.)
  • RMusic and/or decorations available upon request

Examples of Parties

  • RBaby Showers
  • RWedding and Funeral Receptions
  • RFamily Reunions
  • RBusiness Meetings
  • RChristenings
  • RBirthday Parties
  • RAnniversaries
  • RHoliday Parties
  • REngagement Parties

Menu Options

There are two different types of menus that you can choose from. The first option is a buffet and the second is a limited menu option. We have included below several options that we have put together for you to choose from. You also have the choice of creating your own menu, and we will price it accordingly.

Buffet Options

Buffet Options include everything on the menu. There is a minimum of 30 people for a buffet menu.

Buffet Option 1 – Graduation Special
(minimum 30 people)

  • RBaked Ziti
  • R Chicken Marsala or Chicken Scampi
  • RRoasted Pork Loin with brown gravy
  • RFresh Vegetables
  • ROven Roasted Red Skinned Potatoes
  • RTossed Salad
  • RFresh homemade bread
  • RIncludes Fountain Soda

Buffet Option 2 – The Summer BBQ Special
(minimum 30 people)

  • RBBQ Baby Back Ribs
  • RBBQ Chicken
  • RCorn on the cob
  • RBaked beans
  • RColeslaw
  • RMacaroni Salad or Pasta Salad
  • RHamburgers
  • RHot Dogs
  • RPotato Salad
  • RFresh homemade bread

Limited Menu Options

Limited menus include a set menu that each guest can choose from. There is no minimum of guests that must attend the party.

Limited Menu Option 1
The Otto Menu

Choice of Appetizer:

  • RBuffalo Wings
  • RStuffed Mushrooms
  • RTossed Salad

Choice of Entrée:

  • R12 oz New York Strip Steak
  • RServed with mushrooms and onions
  • RChicken Francaise
  • RGrilled Salmon
  • RServed with lemon butter
  • RAll entrees are served with a choice of potato and homemade bread

Limited Menu Option 2
The Long Pond

  • RTossed Salad

Choice of Entrée:

  • RChicken Marsala
  • RBroiled Haddock
  • RServed with lemon butter
  • RAll Entrees are served with mashed potatoes and fresh homemade bread
  • RCoffee, Hot Tea and Fountain Soda are included

Limited Menu Option 3
The Nate Party

Includes both:

  • RLobster Bisque
  • RCaesar Salad

Choice of Entrée:

  • RFilet Mignon
  • RServed with hollandaise sauce

Each entrée is served with a choice of potato and fresh homemade bread

Choice of Appetizer:

  • RScallops wrapped in bacon
  • RSesame Chicken
  • RLobster Duo
  • RTwo 7oz lobster tails, served with drawn butter
  • RChicken Alfredo
  • RServed over linguini

Each entrée is served with a choice of potato and fresh homemade bread